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Hello everyone! im a little woman who really loves makeup:) my name is indah pertiwi wibowo i was born on june 21 1998 at Klaten. and yaaa here it is a little word make your wedding dreams come true baby! happy reading:)



Great makeup and hair teams book up to 12-15 months in advance. Forget what “The Knot” and other bridal magazines have said about booking 3 months out, it’s usually quite the opposite.  Especially when you want someone to come to your location to service you.

At the very minimum, for on location services, I would be suggested booking 6-12 months out, and closer to 9-15 months out in larger cities, like Chicago. You don’t want to wait until the last minute when you can’t get your pick of the top talent.

Securing your makeup and hair should be scheduled pretty soon after you book your wedding photographer. If you are going to a salon however, you could wait closer to the date or call the salon that you are interested in and ask them how you should proceed. Every salon has differnt guidelines.


Check out Yelp & Wedding Wire for your makeup artist’s reviews. When it comes to makeup, beauty is subjective to each and every person.

I have seen some of the most beautiful makeup on girls who have said they hated how they looked. What a woman see’s when she looks in the mirror is just as important as the artist performing the service. When looking at reviews, look at how the team handled their overall wedding day. Were they on time? Did they keep the wedding moving smoothly? Were they pleasant to be with? All of those are just as important as how they make you look.

If an artist overall has great reviews and a few bad ones, chances are the person leaving the review didn’t communicate with their makeup artist and left feeling less than happy about the entire process. Reviews are great but take with a grain of salt unless their reviews are so poor you want to run the other way.


Most makeup and hairstylists charge separately for trials so don’t spend your entire wedding day beauty budget on multiple trials. Not only will it break your pocketbook, it will make you crazy with too many decisions. I’m like that with graphic design. Show me too many options and I can’t make up my damn mind. I call that the curse of Pintrest. LOL!

“Choose your top 2 favorite artists and stylists and proceed from there.”

When you go in for your makeup trials keep these two crucial things in mind. Makeup and hair trials are to find things you love, but it’s also a time to see things you DON’T love.

If you felt a connection with your makeup artist and you like what they did, seal the deal..and move on. Time is ticking and being indecisive will only make you nuts (not to mention drain your bank account) By the time you do 23 makeup trials you could have had a celebrity makeup artist from the get go. Come on girlfriend, don’t let this worry you.


At your trial, be sure you tell your artist or stylist what you like and what you don’t like. Makeup is not permanent, so if you don’t like something speak up!

If you tell your makeup artist you like it, when indeed you don’t, we have to believe what you say because you aren’t telling them otherwise. When you leave your makeup trial unhappy, it frustrates not only you,  it frustrates the artist too. Makeup artists want to make you happy, so don’t be shy about speaking up.

However, with that in mind, if you feel the artist just has what I call “poor esthetic taste” then maybe they aren’t the right fit. If they didn’t even get into the ballpark of expectations maybe it’s time to keep looking. If, however, they were pretty close and a few modifications would set your mind at ease, that is something you can do at a later date or on the day of the wedding.


You have imperfections, we all do. Sometimes makeup artists find the most beauty in those imperfections.

In the day of Instagram and Pintrest, I am finding a lot of women don’t know the difference between virtual looks and reality. I mean, we know the difference but when we look in the mirror in “real life” and it doesn’t look like what it does “online” don’t be hard on yourself.

If you have acne scars, makeup isn’t going to “cover” it. If you think you have a big nose, contouring isn’t really going to do anything drastic. The main thing to keep in mind is, does your makeup artist listen to you? If you are insecure about something, tell him or her. She will more than likely be aware of your issues and work around it or play up a feature you like to minimize the look of something you don’t.

As we say in the industry, it’s a makeup brush, not a magic wand. So if you have insecurities, your makeup artist isn’t going to magically take that away. That is something you will have to work on yourself. But I imagine you are truly beautiful just the way you are.


Beauty “apps” are popping up everywhere and turnover is high. Places like Glamsquad tend to hire people right out of school so you never know what kind of experienced artist you will get. while.
Is this the time you want to chance wedding day photos?  Turnover is high with these apps because artists realize they get the short end of the stick when working for these companies Who you get for a “trial” may not be who you get for the actual wedding day. Think wisely. Is it really worth saving a few bucks? Only you can answer that. Trust people with good, solid reputations who have experience doing weddings full time.


Never assume just because a makeup artist has the wedding day open and available that you are automatically booked with them for your wedding day. Makeup artists are like any other wedding vendor so be sure you secure your makeup artist with a signed contract and terms of services. This contract protects both the bride and makeup artist…. so be sure you have one.

Wedding contracts with your makeup artists mean that they are legally obligated to show up on your wedding day. A contract also allows the makeup artist to get their rent paid for the month. So while some artists may not do one, be sure to get one. I have heard WAY too many horror stories about “artists” cancelling on the bride the week of their wedding.

If for any reason you decide to cancel your makeup artist, 99.9% of wedding deposits are non refundable.Read your contract and understand it before signing it. The artists turn down other work to service you and if you cancel on them this means they have been compensated for the inconvenience and potentially lost income.


Be on time and ready to go when your makeup artist arrives. Your artist is very aware of your “day of” timeline and is respectful of that. Show the same courtesy to him or her and be courteous of their time as well and they will be sure you are on time for your photos and ceremony. This is where teamwork comes in.

When a makeup artist are waiting for someone to sit in the chair, it makes it very stressful for the artist performing the services. Does she have the allotted time to perform her services? Or does she have to scramble to do an entire wedding day makeup look in 5 minutes?

You paid your artist to service you and to do a beautiful job. When you leave no room for her to work, you not only run the risk of being late to your party, but the work may not be as beautiful as it could have been because she has been rushed.  We are a team ladies, so let’s create magic together!


This is near and dear to my heart so please consider your artist’s sanitary practices when working with them.Here are a few things to look for when working with your potential makeup artists:

•    Do they spray their products and scrape their cream products?

•    Do they sharpen their pencils before they use them on you?

•    Do they sanitize their hands between clients?

•    Do they keep their work area clean?

Serious makeup artists are serious about sanitation and rightfully so. Ask your makeup artist if they have a sanitation practice in place for their team. Chances are an artist who is religious about sanitation will be able to share with you their sanitation practices…. and without hesitation.

and finally……


Don’t hold the reins too tight and control your artist’s every move. You are paying them for their expert opinion, so work together to come up with a look uniquely you! While there are some “artists” out there who are what I call “technicians”, most artists want to be free to create and sculpt your face into a work of art.

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